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The Wasp Woman

Studio: Film Group Feature
Director: Roger Corman
Release Date: Friday October 30, 1959
The owner of a cosmetics firm, Janice Starlin, had it all. She was the spokeswoman for her own beauty products until business started to decline. She was aging, and it showed in their sales figures. Dr. Eric Zinthrop presents a product to her that shows promise: an anti-aging concoction made from the enzyme of wasps. She is willing to take the gamble, hoping it will revive the business, volunteering herself as Dr. Zinthrop's test subject. But, it turns out the miracle drug has some serious side-effects...
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Comments for The Wasp Woman

Saturday March 10, 2012 11:48am
Nothing like seeing humans destroyed like vermin, but on a lighter note, the makeup on this "Wasp Woman" makes her look more like a termite of some kind! Apart from this, the story line of Ms. Starlin's employees wanting to find out Dr. Zinthrop's secrets built suspense throughout the movie. And, this movie was directed by Roger Corman, who has directed produced about 4,000 tons of movies including The Little Shop of Horrors, The Fall of the House of Usher, and more recently, Death Race! Gotta give a man who produces 400 movies some credit.
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