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gammera the invincible
Studio: National Telefilm Associates (NTA)
Director: Sandy Howard and Noriaki Yuasa
Release Date: Thursday December 15, 1966
Fans of giant monsters will appreciate Gammera, a giant fire-breathing monster stomping around Tokyo wreaking destruction on a massive scale after being awakened by...
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Planet Outlaws
Studio: Universal Pictures
Director: Ford Beebe, Saul A. Goodkind
Buck Rogers, an American soldier, is frozen in time only to awaken in the year 2500. He finds an evil band of outlaws are out to take over the universe, and it is...
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Killers from Space
Studio: Planet Filmplays
Director: W. Lee Wilder
Release Date: Saturday January 23, 1954
Doug Martin is an atomic scientist and a pilot. After he goes missing on a mission after an atomic blast, he shows back up at the base unharmed. He tells of his...
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Studio: Allied Artists Pictures Corp.
Director: Roger Corman
Release Date: Friday August 05, 1960
A couple and their friend are scuba diving off the coast of Puerto Rico. When they return, they find it extremely hard to breathe. They put their oxygen masks back...
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